Grateful Living_01.jpg

My work is focused on stereotypical childhood experiences, which tends to be overtly playful, filled with laughter and adventure. I am interested in the process of making tents, recreating personal childhood memories, and generalizing the typical childhood experience. However, I pair happier moments with instances that can be viewed as melancholy, moments that reveal the harsh reality of the human condition. After the passing of my closest childhood friend, due to drug addiction, memories from my youth resurfaced. Since his death I have been reflecting on our friendship as it developed from the innocent years of childhood to the complex and confused years in adulthood. Vivid memories of playing games, building forts, and exploring the cemetery in our neighborhood came to mine. My work teeters on the chaos and joys of life, while confronting the finality of death. Through child-like assemblages, gestural paintings, and playful installations, I attempt to preserve the precious memories of my childhood home, neighborhood, and the cemetery.