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“Natural Wonder” at the Contemporary Art Center in Peoria

Review for Natural Wonder, a two-person exhibition by Bethany Carlson Coffin and Stephanie Sailer at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria. This review is part of Sixty Inches From Center’s Sixty Regional, a project that partners with artists, writers, and artist-run spaces highlighting art happening throughout the Midwest and Illinois.

“Distance, whether out of necessity or inability to be close, is the common thread within the works in the exhibition Natural Wonder currently at the Contemporary Art Center in Peoria, IL. As the elevator doors opened to reveal the exhibition, I felt instantly calm, yet curious. Curious about the strange forms living on the pristine white pedestals and lost within the intricate paintings and drawings that graced the walls of the gallery. The pieces spark a sense of wonder and yearning for answers about experiences we cannot possibly understand or completely fathom; they compliment each other—they are quiet, contemplative, and coexisting.”

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