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Jessica Bingham (b. 1989) is an artist, curator, and educator based in Peoria, IL. She earned her MA in 2014 and MFA in 2016 from Bradley University where she focused on painting and installation. She is currently the Curator at University Galleries of Illinois State University and the director and co-founder of Project 1612, a short-term residency and independent artist-run space in the garage at her home. Her reviews and interviews have been published in Sixty Inches From Center and Expose Art Magazine. Her work deals with childhood nostalgia, loss, home and motherhood; these themes are implemented in various forms including painting, found-eject assemblages, and interactive installations. Jessica has exhibited both nationally and internationally — spaces include Woman Made Gallery, Neon Heater, Public Space One, Mantel Art Space, Heartbreaker, and After School Special.

The smell of grass,
our blue playhouse,
Barbie and G.I. Joe.
Loose tie-dye shirts,
tombstones across the street,
memories that still, and will,
play on repeat.
Awkward knees and bright eyes,
forts for us alone.
Desires to be older,
longing to be children,
pain took you forever,
and I took her home.